Hope For Dating Vietsub Ep 1



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Hope to seeing more of her in kdramaland. Hope to watch your movie soon..

  • Raed Dec 14 1:
  • I've watched the heirs and I really love the way you act.
  • Dude, you are making this into something bigger than what it is.
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  • Should people always say things like, "oh, Krystal you're so pretty and talented, no one compares to you

DESCRIPTION: It's in their nature to act cool, honest and let's say no care at all to what other people say as long as they don't hurt anyone. Good job and good luck!

StormyxLegacy: Great footjob! Love it!

BlueMoonTrue: I would love to be that slave :)

Elena Sch: Ab 72 ist ja ne geile Sau , ahhuuu !

Anton Hinneck: Lovely little cutie. Like the way she lets that lucky bloke do anything to her

BOY PUNK: she is hot would fuck her good

Mc Gero: a beautifully cruel Mistress. i would love to serve Her

Gavin Lee: 10 mins watching a woman tied up? Is that it?

Vacations: Such a perfect GODDESS

Sol Gutierrez: I dont get it, if it feels so good, why does he need the cock ring?

Katherine T: Handsome young lovers. Great scene.

Wayne Carter: One of my fav

See Billy Run: There are creampies in there. Second fucker came outside, but others did some inside.

It is sooo verryyy Cute and Charming.. I love you Krystal Jung. I love the chemistry you have with Chan Young. What is your reason for continuing to read our comments? Can't wait to see you in variety shows and also dramas in future: There's no one like her or as perfect. Celeste Oct 11

Fukuoka | Japan

Alfie Aug 18 6: Timothy Aug 08 The world doesn't revolve around your love for Krystal, or any other particular idol.

Please keep in touch with your fans. Your hair is pretty! She is the best K-pop performer and model.

Icarus Aug 26 am Gorgeous and very charismatic young actress. Her goddess character in Bride of Habaek suited her to a tee. Hope . Vidéo Porno. % Gratuit!: Dessin Animé, Dessin Animé Francais, Defloration, Dessin Animé Hard, Dessin Animé Gay, Deauxma et beaucoup plus. Hamburg, Germany; Garland (Tx), United States; Moji-Guacu, Brazil; Popayan, Colombia.

Bellz May 11 8: It's not like you can unread a comment. July m Aug 23 6:

No wonder why her english is so good. I hope you know my country and i want to request you to come and visit Myanmar.

  • Dessin animé
  • Krystal is also very sweet, she signed a lot of hotel fans autographs until the hotel person told her to stop. Vina Oct 20
  • Stars Du X
  • She looks tired or annoyed because she has a condition called anemia.

You look cold but I bet you're really nice and cute. Days Oct 15 2: Always support you even people talk bad about ya because i know you're kind and pure: Why didn't they pick Suzy or any of the hundreds of other kpop girls who are much more talented, prettier, have a sweeter attitude and not conceited than crappy Krystal?

I became one of your admirers. And if she NEVER wanted to be in a girl group then I'm sure a multi-million dollar company like SM did not put a gun to her head and force her to be the leader of a girl group. I likt way u act

Dude, people know that if you repeatedly call someone ugly it's called bullying and taunting because they may actually start believing they are ugly. Lovisa Oct 11 5: I hope she had luck in everything she do. Wow Such a beautifull young girl:


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