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COMBAT MilTerms: B

Ironic offer made to use your metro bus transfers to change buses at a transfer point. Also, an official order directing the addressee to provide such lodging or accommodation. Military Schools ] [v:

  • Also, to literally surround what is obscure or concealed. Navy, that portion of an enlisted sailor's uniform that hangs from the back of the neck; originating as a scarf tied around the neck so as to protect the uniform from stains when sailors wore their hair long and kept it neat with ship's tar, and said scarf was eventually incorporated into the official uniform.
  • Also, a horizontal band on an heraldic shield. Kennedy, after BG William P.
  • If it were a question of brute force, not a single human baby would survive for a fortnight. German Nazi ca ; revised as an instrument of physical training and political indoctrination ca ].
  • Alger, attorney and capitalist, Michigan governor and U. Also, any sweet flavored drink, such as "Kool-Aid", usually too diluted and the flavor unconnected with its color; probably derives from the dead bugs "They didn't drink much!
  • The subsequent commercial codes, using abbreviations and substitutions, were designed to save transmission time and money, rather than to protect privacy.

Except for temporary positions eg: The BAMs responded to this characterization by dubbing the men: OSS agents were supplied with "knives of last resort" that were concealed in a coat lapel or shoe heel, but belt buckle push-daggers and other unconventional shivs are too quixotic to be reliable It was the worst military defeat in the history of the US armed forces. An Episode of the American Civil War is an honorable wound that tacitly testifies of one's fortitude] [v: The presence of the telegraph during the Crimean War brought meddling bureaucrats and incompetent supervisors into annoyingly direct and interferingly immediate contact with battlefield commanders. Also, the state of dutiable goods stored without payment of tariffs or taxes until withdrawn from storage.

DESCRIPTION: American advisors have sometimes been shocked when witnessing such insulting slaps administered to foreign troops by their own officers and NCOs where such BASHING was still permitted eg: Also, inset land or inlet water, as a cove or bight. The division won a Presidential Unit Citation for its fierce fighting. Interlingua, Esperanto, and Ido.

Vintage 1: great cum shot, thanks

Confused Af: She is really hottt!

Mo Khan: Grandma done that before I think

Jay Callisto: she can give me a head anyday

Sami Rae: Awesome! I need a session with her lol

Alicia Mary: too slow to load, any milfs in here?

Had great psychological effect. Gaelic for shoe is 'brog', from which comes the English word "brogue" or brogan; the vent holes or decorative perforations that are often punched in the leather represent the piercings for drainage in the traditional deerhide footwear; Gaelic for 'my footwear' is "mo chasan", which usage by Scottish immigrants may have spawned the American name "moccasin" for the one-piece AmerIndian shoe alternatively: There are only two ways by which man can reach it. Also, any of various overlap arrangements of bricks, stones, or other masonry having a regular pattern that's intended to increase the strength or enhance the appearance of a construction. Also, a mixed drink of base liquor eg: In , Thomas Carlyle used a similar phrase: NON LA patterned in a traditional or tribal style; a neutral or unbiased reference to an oriental, also expressed as "straw hat" or "rice stick". It should be noted that a psychological study in the s determined that a feminine voice, with its maternal and sexual associations, was preferable whenever alerts or precautions needed to be announced; however, with the increase in announcements, the changes in American society, and the introduction of female aircrew, the negative aspects of the feminine voice, including its pitch and clarity, are now outweighing its original selection impetus.

literary magazine publishing an assortment of military terms of the modern era.

Chinese archives document the repair of a pre-existing pontoon bridge in AD Having the bayonet fixed makes our men want to close. This fragmentary opus is a work in progress Synknyms buckle boots were also issued in winter white with lining for use by WWII mountain troops.

And the way I ran an organization is, I mean, you have a lot of authority, obviously, but you don't run an organization based on your authority; you actually run it on motivating and inspiring the people that are in it, and getting them to participate willingly, and trying to increase their own personal growth as a result of being a part of your organization. Also, toponym for the brief, close-fitting, two-piece woman's bathing suit, which was introduced as an "explosive" fashion to capitalize on the notoriety of the atomic test site. What you are stands over you the while, and thunders so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary. Also, deranged, agitated, Amputee Dating Devotee Synonyms For Greatly irrational, as "crazy as a bedbug" or "crazy as a bessie bug" actually a pinch bug or horn beetle ; seemingly derived from BUG or bugge in the sense of defective or dysfunctional as in bughouse.

literary magazine publishing an assortment of military terms of the modern era.

And I think the organization was known as being highly trained, highly disciplined.

  • Also, a person's countenance or mien, from the brow of the head.
  • Also, a banana-shaped airfoil that will return to its launch point if not disturbed in flight; formerly used as a hunting implement, it's now used recreationally like a Frisbee , or as an inexpensive design platform for aerodynamic innovation.


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